About Us

So first a logistical issue out the way: Let us know if you need help with Spotify if you don’t have it. It should be straightforward to set up a free account. Once you have an account, you can listen through an app on your phone, in your web browser or as a desktop app. When you click the playlist link, just click the heart and it’ll be saved to your playlists for access anytime. www.spotify.com

  • To discover new bands and outsource music discovery to each other
    We’re not here to provide playlists of just artists and songs you know you like…we’re here for a more bespoke reason: to expand your song, artist and genre base. There has never been as much good and interesting music as today, the problem is that it’s not as easy to find as when we got it fed to us on one of 5 radio stations or music channels. We really have to put time in to scour the internet and the world in general, so why not pool all our hard work? I explain it like this: there’s a deficit between how many people like an interesting artist and how many people could like them. Let’s close that gap!
  • To eventually provide a live growing library of genres, moods and themes
    No matter the theme of the playlist, the aim is to be comprehensive. No Funk playlist 1, Funk playlist 2, etc. All the good songs that fit a genre/theme should be on the playlist so it lasts for all the times when you’re in that mood. The significant song culling that takes place before a playlist is posted is on the criteria of whether it fits the theme of the playlist and whether it is good enough, not systematically in order to achieve a certain playlist length. The aim is that ultimately you'll have a library of genres/moods/themes that will be updated by your best suggestions and our own continuously. Think of it more as libraries of a theme than a typical short playlist.
  • To dispel preconceptions about different types of music
    Whether you believe the music of today is terrible and generic, whether you think entire genres are too repetitive, whether you think hip-hop is all swearing and braggadocio, breaking down these and other misconceptions is also a soft aim. There are some playlists coming that should highlight the strengths and interesting work in a lot of different genres.

A quick point on open-mindedness…If you hear a certain song, you may initially know whether you like it or not. This leads people to believe that they like the things they like, and they can’t like the things they don’t like because they’re not built to like that…that’s a lot of likes, but also that isn’t completely true.

Let’s say you’re a Texan and you grow up in rural Texas with only country music as an influence…when you go out into the real world, you’re still going to like country more than other genres at first. A large part of attraction, whether to music, stories or people is familiarity. So it’s at least somewhat learned behaviour. Say that Texan watches a show with a theme song that’s rock and after the umpteenth time hearing the show’s intro starts to like them, and starts exploring other similar music. Say he makes friends with people who do spoken word poetry. After that repeated exposure maybe he starts seeing merits in certain hip-hop artists. All the philosophising and fictional Texans are just to basically say don’t write off whole genres just because they’re not familiar. Start with things similar and expand, that’s what we’re here for.

All that said, not everyone can like everything. So while all playlists and recommendations are for all, sometimes it’s ok to skip a week. Go in with an open mind but it’s better to pay more attention the weeks you’re more likely to be engaged with.

So there will be a (at this point in time) weekly playlist which will be introduced in a an email newsletter on Fridays, updated on our website and on our facebook page. You can comment and add recommendations which will be updated to the live playlist if appropriate. The aim is to also have on an ad hoc basis spotlight posts on certain artists or albums that are worthy of more attention.

So three methods of getting involved What you can contribute-
  • Feedback on playlists
  • Recommendations to add
  • Playlist/genre ideas for the future
  • iv. General chat about music!