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Reggae x Rock

Cross-section of where reggae and soft-rock meet. Think of this station as catchy Sublime+. The reggae guitar lick can be a repetitive sound to base an interesting station around so there's a focus on incorporating other styles and sounds.

I don't know genres well through the framework of technical musical history; I understand it more through connecting common sounds across thousands of songs. Although the Police/Sting and a few other English rock bands experimented with this sound earlier, it was probably Sublime who cemented this style as its own bona fide sub-genre.

While making this station, after all the initial additions leading to a 400+ song list, it was culled significantly especially of songs that didn't do enough to distort or play with that generic reggae lick...soooo many songs and entire bands removed! I think this sound can get boring and turn into uniform genericness if other influences aren't incorporated so some dub, and bits of ska, hip-hop and pop-punk influences have been peppered in too. That said, no inclusion of songs that are pure reggae/ska/dub/pop-punk as they'll get their own playlist at some point down the line.

Slightly Stoopid if you don't know them are my stand-out artists of this genre, mainly because they layer their music in a more interesting jam-bandy-way than a lot of the failed attempts in the genre who think they don't actually have to ever write any original melodies because they can rely on a very limited reggae rhythm.

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It was close between reggae/rock and jazz/hip-hop in the vote so next week let's just do 2nd place!

Chilled Jazz Hip-Hop Vibes coming through!

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