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Industrial x Electronic

This station explores the more electronic side of music that incorporates industrial sensibilities, whether a scoop or loads. Basically a drum, bass or synth will be constantly hitting you with some energy!

Although dark atmospheres and industrial vibes have been touched on a little with JAH WAR, one of the previous stations, this week's station looks at industrial in more detail through the lens of its more electronic side (the other side as I see it is the industrial rock side which has it's own playlist coming down the line).

Ok, fine, great "industrial", but what the hell does that even mean I hear you ask? To me the layman, it's a prominent constant fast rhythm with the use of synths and other electronic elements resulting in a sound that echoes yes, actual industry-as in factory noises, metal clashing, saws, heavy equipment, beeps, etc. The rhythm hitting you like a wall of consistent sound is what I describe as an industrial sound. I've also employed a loose meaning of industrial to find enough songs outside of rock music where it's usually found. Luckily I think those parameters have led to an interesting varied playlist for people who may be put of by the heavy guitar distortion. There's a large variety of sound: some more ravey and danceable, some more experimental, some more like heavy trip-hop, some dark gothy sounds, some basically rock without using instruments, etc
Track Listing
To show how these stations are living and breathing, the 3rd week's station, BODY MUSIC has grown by almost 40 songs! So for those who missed out or want a taster, here's a mini-list of 20 of my favourite additions to BODYMUSIC's since its release. Mellow Sensual vibes as before.

As this week was a niche sound, the common people can have next week's station: the biggest so far...Indie & Brit-Pop Classics!

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