Instrumental Themed Upbeat Chilling Work

Ethereal Instrumentals

Spacey sounding instrumentals to work to but with a nice bass kick to keep your butt attentive. Variety of sounds and styles within those parameters; song to song should have interesting shifts.

In this new era of working from home, the difference between each person's preferences are exaggerated as we all mold our home work environments to our ideal person-specific requirements. Everyone has a different multitasking style and ability when they're trying to get their work done. Some people are so concentrated on one thing that they can't hear you talking directly to them within comfortable earshot and others can feed a baby, iron and jot notes for an email all the while listening to an intensive podcast they're digesting. And in terms of music: some people need silence, others need a very lo-fi sound, others can handle vocals, others need energetic music, etc. People possess a plethora of preferences to placate. Where this Station lies on that spectrum is passed the lo-fi stuff into more substantive sonic territory but without vocals and lyrics that can be distracting while trying to extract the most fitting words from your mental dictionary for emails/reports/etc.

This Station is different to the first instrumental Station COOL THIEVES (no crossover); mainly due to the focus here on songs with bass. The ethereal synths and instruments also add a layer of thematic unity to explore various imaginative astronomical other worlds and settings your mind can muster as landscapes for the score you're listening to. Please use speakers with bass (not laptop speakers!!).
Track Listing
We have some small additions and changes planned for next week.

It's also Station number 15! You'll be getting the first part 2 Station next week with BODY MUSIC's sequel...

Playlist Metrics

Coming Soon



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