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Hip-hop made its first steps in the UK during the 80s, but before it found real mainstream success, the century had to turn. In America, the outer borders of the scene are marked with a relatively clean and tidy line within a distinct culture. In the UK, you'll find MCs across various genres of music, partially driven by the fact our minority populations have much closer ties to their countries of origin so we foster environments with a greater chance of new genres and sounds formed through cross pollination in the melting pot than the more unified African Americans who make up the bulk of American hip-hop. Here it's Jamaican Brits, Nigerian Brits, Anglo-Saxon Brits, various Asian Brits, etc all squashed in smaller urban areas, all bringing different influences from their cultures to create a more alternative disjointed scene. You can find MCs of various kinds as strong and prominent parts of classic sampling turntablism but also drum & bass, garage, dub, grime, dancehall, dubstep, reggae, breakbeat and trip-hop all catalysed into existence in a relatively short time. You'll hear these influences clearer in the more hype second half of this station next year.

Where my tastes lie in the hip-hop spectrum is the vast space above the very low brow (like Chip, Giggs and a lot of the crapper drill artists- hip-hop is by definition about lyrics so if you're writing ignorant and simple only had one job!), but also below the super high brow artists that struggle with making a catchy song that has replay-ability factor (like Klashnekoff, Lowkey...very detailed education just doesn't work in song form, Akala's last album is a lot of proof of this). If you're one of the many subscribers who are not in the UK, you can introduce your non-British friends to a taste of British hip-hop flavour ;)
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Next week we're getting in a time machine once again, but back in time to 1969 to a special little festival...

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