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Tribal Drums

Songs focused on tribal sounding drums but not just from tribally-bands. Expect lots of toms and tabalas

We haven't had a weird concept week in awhile so here's an interesting station for the music aficionados. The genres are mostly progressive, classic and hard rock, experimental and world music, through the focus of big tribal drum sounds. Think Fleetwood Mac - Tusk.

There are entire bands dedicated to native American (and others like Mongolian) tribal drums so those have been kept limited to keep it getting monotonous. Otherwise, a lot of variety in sound across a large cross-section of artists like Adam & the Ants, Anoushka Shankar, the Beatles, Tool, Enya, Joni Mitchell, Dispatch, Van Halen, Fleetwood Mac, Godsmack, The Roots, Echo & the Bunnymen etc.
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If you found this week's station too weird, you're getting something a lot more catchy 20 next week...versions...

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