Blues Hip-Hop Mellow Chilling Party

Blues x Hip-Hop

Hip-Hop with soulful/bluesy production mostly from Southern USA

How do we follow last week's 30 years of the most popular music genre's summary? Go completely in the opposite direction with a station that pretty much explores one artist: Cunninlynguists. The producer Kno (one of the three members) is responsible for most of the beautiful soundscapes and chorus breaks mined from old blues, jazz and soul records. This goes full circle back to the 2nd station, highlighting the ability of sampling to retool a forgotten, inaccessible snippet into a refurbished take for a different audience. Add that mellow sometimes abstract, poetic, Southern twanged lyrics on top and you get one of my most listened to hip-hop artists.

You'll find less than half of their output here with a few other songs worthy of the production quality and style. Even if you don't normally like hip-hop, if you like blues, rock or chilled instrumental music in general, have a quick listen.
Track Listing
Continuing blues month new week with the songs too heavy for our previous GO WITH THE FLOW station...

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