Bass Music Dubstep Electronic Hip-Hop Energetic Exercise Party

Bass Music x Hip-Hop MCs

Hype bass music (dubstep, drum&bass, etc) with an MC layer

It's pretty ridiculous this station exists. If someone from the 1800 century heard this, they'd probably think they were being invaded by violent mechanical aliens. For dubstep to exist, a lot of unlikely things needed to happen, including garage, jungle, 2step, dub (all niche genres themselves requiring a lot of chance) to all come into fruition, and for some DJs to react to those genres in a different tangent. Then some Americans needed to pick it up and remove any sense of subtlety with similar intensity to one of the Transformers-orgasming sounding drops often associated with the most mainstream dubstep.
And then once dubstep exists, for this station to exist an additional step with a number of more energetic MCs seeing the synchronization possibilities (which artists such as Foreign Beggars have exploited to its max) had to happen. And finally, hype level: HYPEST HYPE. It's should be a great exercise station :P
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Next week we're heading towards the completely opposite direction to hypeness by floating into the clouds of Dream-Pop...

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