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Sensual Sonics 1 - Mellow Melodies

This week we're getting sensual with our collection of mellow sensual songs to be felt from your heads right down through you to your toes. Sensuality is the ability to feel desire through all your senses, in our case hearing, and (with bass) touch.


BODY MUSIC started its Spotify-life as a larger sensuality themed station, now divided down into more detailed moods; this time a mellow sensual sound. The others in the Sensual Sonics series will be introduced at some point down the line. Compared to the last two stations that were trying to capture large expansive topics, the songs on this playlist have a much narrower focus and tighter sonic unity.

When making a playlist in this vibe, the easy option is to plant a drill on RnB and mine that genre for all its worth… as 1. That’s too easy. 2. My RnB knowledge is comparatively low, this playlist keeps it at a minimum. That said, because the idea is for the music to be felt and how important the production and bass are to that, a lot of acoustic and rock songs don’t fit either. I also haven’t included anything too basic and crass; Akon’s Fuck You can go elsewhere...

Generally it’s difficult to describe music styles but the following wouldn’t be inaccurate: minimal heartbeaty drums, slower synths, sultry and muted vocals….all of course accompanied by dark, sexy bass. Instead of a more detailed artists to look out for, you just get one sentence on the less well known ones that appear multiple times:

  • 6LACK (RnB/Hip-Hop) - On the whole while RnB doesn’t jump out to me as genre, 6LACK (said black btw, not sixlack) is one of the most likeable.
  • Air (Electronic/chilled) - Chilled French duo who you should expect a smooth sensual jazzy vibe from
  • Alunageorge (Pop/Electronic) - British duo with a flirty synth pop sound.
  • BANKS (Pop/Electronic) - Sultry voiced lady with dark sultry production
  • Glass Animals (Alternative) - One of my favourite finds of the last 5 years who I’ll introduce properly at some point!
  • Purity Ring (Electronic) - Canadian duo with a more experimental electronic pop style than the others above

Track Listing

A Condensed20 version of last week’s playlist can be found here

One last bit of waffle on sampling: Check out the last 2 songs on this condensed playlist…starting with the same core sample and taking them different interesting directions…which one is your favourite?

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