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Cozy Rainy Evenings In

This week was going to be a station for the sun, but looking at the forecast, that would have just teased you all. Instead, let’s go in the opposite direction, a station for those rainy evenings in escaping the rain outside composed of a mellow jazzy acoustic mix of tunes. For those of us in Britain, this should theme more of our days than the sunny station would have anyway.


The British sky weeps down upon her land with pitter-patters of little raindrops. You slump down on your sofa sideways towards the window, piping hot, hot chocolate in hand. You’re going to have to wait before the foaming cacao and milky concoction can soothe your taste buds, so you grab your blanket to wrap yourself with for that feeble cuddle only it can give you. You should be able to see clearly through your window panes, yet the condensation from the tranquil warmth of your home on the inner pane, contrasting the cold droplets from the dancing showers spoiling the outer pane, deprave you of a clear sight. What you can just about make out through the layers of diffusion is the predictably wet British summer, with the rain faintly marching down mimicking the brushes of drums in this week’s playlist. The rain clouds gloat, swelling pride in their ever growing form. If those short sighted clouds ever woke from their state of non-consciousness, came to life incarnate enough for a working vocal box, and questioned you with confused fear what your eyes perceive of them, you would reply, “I can tell you taste like the sky, 'cause you look like rain”*.

*Listen to the first song or you’ll think I’m completely crazy. After listening you’ll be down to 50%.

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Next Week: We’ve had a lot of chilled playlists. Time for one with more energy next week!

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NEXT WEEK: Sounds of Dread (unless it's sunny in which case we'll get a playlist for the sun out)


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