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Sounds of Dread

The long story you can choose to believe which will allow you to immerse yourself in the sounds of this very specific apocalypse is in the DIRECTIVE below. For those with more limited imaginations, The Bug makes a certain style of bassy dub music with a dark atmosphere that made a good core sound to build a playlist around.

The blood-red sun rises over a cracked and blasted landscape littered with decomposing bodies. The proud skyline would have once suggested that this is London, but after the devastation the cataclysmic event caused, the resemblance is mainly structural. Wembley, Vauxhall , Finchley, Edgware Road, Watford, Edgware, Liverpool Street all reduced to endless fields of calcified ashes and bone. Hills and barrows made of bleached skulls where Mill Hill and Burnt Oak used to stand. Parched riverbeds like a dead giant’s veins where the waters once flowed through Little Venice and Camden.

In this harsh and unforgiving land, only the thickest Jamaican Patwa accents remain (Thom Yorke somehow survived for the first track…maybe he has some Jamaican blood we don’t know of, don’t ask). Unable to endure the constant stench of death and decay, those remaining were left with little option but to remove the offending organ altogether. This bought some mercy, but at a terrible cost.

These remaining flat faced humans have collected the only remaining instruments: deep dark dubplates and drums in order to try to recreate this sound called music their parents told stories of. Stories from the before-times. Stories of Jah took root in the daily warzones they found themselves in. Unbeknownst to them, everything they were producing had a sense of dread running through its veins, reflecting the situation they find themselves in. Listeners, welcome to JAH WAR – Sounds of Dread.
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Thanks to Alex Kupfer for editing this week’s DIRECTIVE.

Next week it’s time we hit up some hip-hop finally. When I was trying to split hip-hop into different stations, I couldn’t plan any less than fifteen, so get ready for the first of many over the next year. If you’re a fan of LET’S GROOVE – A Trip Down Funkytown, next week will be the funky sister station.

NEXT WEEK: Smooth Hip Voices, Funky Hop Noises


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