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Down by the water in San Francisco is an area aptly named The Bay. One of The Bay's best musical exports is a style of hip-hop with silky smooth rapping with lots of internal rhyme schemes and tongue twisting sat on funky production. This station is based around this funky slick hip-hop down by the Bay.


It’s difficult to split down big genres like hip-hop by sound. While the West and East Coast had some sound unity when they first started, things have come a long way and experimentation has left the sound now covering every microcosm of the musical landscape. Even to go by subject matter doesn’t necessarily make for a good playlist. So this first hip-hop playlist is one of the easier ones to make as it lends itself to a unified sound.

Three rappers in this playlist provide the bulk of the rapping: Gift of Gab, Lyrics Born and Chali 2na. Gift of Gab is a Bay area native technically skilled rapper who started off in a group called Blackalicious (who are pillars of alternative hip-hop) before going solo. Add another Bay area native, Lyrics Born, a Japanese American rapper with one of the smoothest voices in music who comes equipped with a serious love of funk (my guess is Lyrics Born will be the favourite of the older subscribers). Chali 2na of Jurassic 5 fame is not from The Bay but from LA not too far away. His style fits the others too well not to include some of his funkier tunes. Between them, Lateef the Truthspeaker and a few others, you're in for some primo deft cadence.

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Ok so the rock/indie fans have been clamouring for a playlist......

NEXT WEEK: Rock with a bluesy touch!


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