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Welcome to the first of many stations to explore rock through various lenses, with this station...the blues. The blues sound was originally co-opted in the late 60s/early 70s by British and American rock bands. Since then, this louder, faster blues sound has enveloped rock music sensibilities, grown into itself and spawned many of its own sub-genres. While this playlist has a lot of older classics, there is a soft focus on music from the last 25 years.

GO WITH THE FLOW tries to do for blues rock what LET’S GROOVE did for funk. Be an all-encompassing collection of quality songs to almost act like a radio station for that whole genre, only culled for quality and genre fit.


The Black Keys & Dan Auerbach's other projects - The Black Keys have provided the most songs for this station because they’ve basically perfected a catchy, soft blues rock sound that’s hard to cull on quality or genre in their last 4 albums (Brothers/El Camino/Turn Blue/”Let’s Rock”). Dan also has his solo albums and a band called The Arc on the go who expectedly have a bluesy sound.

Jack White & All His Projects - Not only does Jack White have 3 solo albums and an addiction to preface band names with “the”, he also has 3 bands to subject this to: The White Stripes, The Raconteurs and The Dead Weather.

Queens of the Stone Age & Josh Homme's Other Projects - When Josh Homme isn’t getting seriously upset that kids these days get participation trophies or kicking journalists in the face, he produces copious amounts of musical output including a surprise appearance on the new Run the Jewels album. He has been in 4 fully fledges bands and they all twist their way round the blues in different ways. Kyuss are too heavy for this station. You’ll find included some of the less noisy Queens of the Stone Age songs as well as the odd more bluesy Eagles of Death Metal or Them Crooked Vultures song.

Grunge - Grunge bands definitely took a lot of influence from the blues rock that came before it and it shows. A contingent of them contribute their more bluesy songs to this station including Alice in Chains, Soundgarden (and Audioslave), Nirvana and Pearl Jam.
Track Listing
Thanks to Jun for some artist suggestions! A whole bunch of songs were removed from this station for being too heavy, so at some point wayyy down the line, a heavier blues rock playlist will hit you.

Next week, we’ll put a condensed20 version of GO WITH THE FLOW for those casuals.

NEXT WEEK: Songs for the Sun!

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